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Myles Ehrlich grew up in Brooklyn, NY, and continues to call the borough home. He has been writing since childhood when it passed the time better than rolling scenery and folk CDs on family road trips. He legitimized his passion at New York University and The Writer’s Foundry MFA.


His WNBA work has been published at TBW, Nets Republic, Queen Ballers Club, Winsidr, and more. His fiction has been appeared in Castings, MASH Stories, and Flash Fiction Magazine.

Myles is also finally starting to get more comfortable with the sound of his own voice, so he's been podcasting more of late. He's made appearances on ESPN's Around the Rim, Blue Wire's aBout That with B. Terrell, Keep'n it 94x50, and way more.

When not writing, Myles is usually playing, watching, or reading about sports.


He's forever at work on FROM THE BLEACHERS, a novel about 12-year-old Nathaniel's search for his missing mother in the days after 9/11, with themes of grief, resiliency of family, and baseball as catharsis.

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