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Liberty 365 — Breaking Down the 2K21 Ratings

Welcome to Episode 2 of my offseason series, Liberty 365, which aims to keep you informed about what’s happening while the New York Liberty organization recesses for the winter. The first article caught you up on players overseas; this one takes you to the digital playground.

Myles Ehrlich


“Our Power is in our Strength, in our Collective Voices”: The New York Liberty Reaffirm “Why We Say Her Name,” and the WNBA Continues to Combat Social Injustice

This cycle of violence is a cycle of trauma, of Black people killed in the streets, or in their beds, or in their cars, of a stream of hashtags that channel tragedy into recurring reminders of the systemic racism deeply forged into America’s foundation.

Myles Ehrlich


New York First Loses Sabrina to Injury, then Game to Atlanta

The New York Liberty played their strongest game of the young season, but fell 84-78 to the Atlanta Dream. In the loss, Sabrina Ionescu turned her ankle and left early.

Myles Ehrlich


Liberty’s Clarendon and Nets’ Temple Highlight Juneteenth Panel

Across the country, people continue to march, shouldering signs to protest police brutality and the racial injustice that persists in Black America.

Myles Ehrlich


2020 WNBA Preview: Sabrina Ionescu and The Era of the Superteam

On April 17, the WNBA held its 2020 Draft. Due to the social distancing rules brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the ESPN-hosted event happened in a virtual format.

Myles Ehrlich


Liberty 365 — Checking in on New York Liberty Players Abroad

The aim of this new series, Liberty 365, is to keep you informed about what’s going on throughout the year, and not just in the months our team takes the court around the United States. Let’s spin the globe and see what’s going on with our favorite Liberty players over in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Myles Ehrlich


New York Liberty Rookies Shoulder Share of Leadership in the Bubble

Many rookies around the league have the luxury of picking their spots on offense, flanked by veterans whose reputations keep defenses honest. Instead, the Liberty often find themselves fielding five first-years at a time, their accumulated court time in the bubble the extent of their professional experience.

Myles Ehrlich


New York Liberty Fall To Dallas Wings, Sabrina Ionescu Scores 33 Points

Heading into game two of the pandemic-shortened #wubble season, all eyes were on the rookies in Wednesday’s meeting between the New York Liberty and the Dallas Wings.

Myles Ehrlich


Liberty Re-Watch: The Losing Streak is Over!

On June 9, 2019, the Las Vegas Aces made their way to Westchester County Center to clash with the winless New York Liberty.

Myles Ehrlich


Our 2020 New York Liberty Team Awards

As the playoffs have advanced, the WNBA has slowly trickled out its league awards. The New York Liberty missed out on some of the larger accolades during this tough season, so I decided to hand some out some of my own.

Myles Ehrlich


New York Liberty Stun Mystics, Secure First Wubble Win

For a team that has struggled to finish, the Liberty showed great poise on Friday night, en route to their first victory in the 2020 campaign.

Myles Ehrlich


The Liberty Three Roundtable: Impressions After the New York Liberty’s First Game

Instead of doing a traditional post-game recap for the team’s first game, we’ve decided to talk about the game roundtable style.

Myles Ehrlich, Justin Carter, and Geoff Magliocetti


Sabrina Ionescu at the Summit: A Conversation with espnW

On Thursday, May 28, espnW held its second annual Summit NYC, an event that brings together women from across the sports industry.

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